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        Headspace Counselling


The first time we meet we will explore how we can work together and the issues you may want to look at.  I will offer you a confidential and supportive space to help facilitate what it is you would like from your sessions. Sometimes people aren't sure what the issues are, and that's ok - we can look at this together.

​After the first session, if you decide you want to continue, we would usually meet weekly at a mutually convenient time and day. 

Individual sessions last for 50 minutes, relationship counselling, families and groups 60 minutes.

0777 801 6681​


Counselling is a confidential relationship and your privacy will be respected and taken seriously. However, there are limitations to confidentiality. I will discuss this when we first meet, but if you would like to find out further information please contact me.


There are times when events and circumstances can leave us feeling uncertain, worried, and alone in our lives. Sometimes we are not sure what to do, or where we can turn for help. You may be unsure why you feel the way you do, or you may be able to relate it to specific events. Each of us is unique and there is not a 'right' way of being, and often not a quick fix to finding answers.

Sometimes it can be helpful to talk through issues with family and friends, but at other times we may feel we need a different kind of help and support. Counselling is a professional relationship, and as your counsellor my role will be to help you explore the choices that are right for you. We will work together to help you look at what may be happening in your life, and to find more effective ways of dealing with or making sense of your feelings, emotions and experiences. 

Headspace Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental and confidential place where you can explore feelings and emotions that you are finding difficult to cope with.


It could be that you're not sure why you feel low, upset or confused. It may be a loss or bereavement you have experienced, changes in relationships, divorce or separation, family issues, bullying at school or at work, a life transition - to name a few issues. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated and at times distressed. This can be the same for children, young people and adults as individuals, or within families and groups.

For more information please contact me via message, email or by telephone.  See more details in contacts.