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                Parents & Carers

Your child may want to share what they talk about in the sessions and can sometimes feel upset following a session if they have been sharing difficult feelings. Equally they may want to keep it private.  This can be difficult for family and carers, especially when you are concerned.  I will not be judging what your child shares, but trying to help them find different, more effective ways of coping. 

If I was concerned about a child there are professional guidelines I work to. There are limitations to confidentiality which it is important to know,  e.g.  if a child or someone else is at risk of serious harm.  

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists which means I work to their ethical guidelines, and my work is supervised by another professional. This is to check I am working professionally but your child's identity is kept anonymous.  


What you share is private and personal and I will respect this.  Sometimes you may want a parent or carer to come to a session with you, and I will be guided by you and respect your wishes. 

​There may be times when other professionals or adults may need to know what is happening, for example if you or someone else is at risk of serious harm. I will discuss this with you at our first meeting so you can ask any questions you may have.

 young people's counselling - ​

 is it for me?

There are times when things may not feel ok and you may be unhappy at school or home. You may not know why you feel anxious, angry or sad. You may be experiencing difficulties with relationships, parental separation or divorce, lossfriendships, bullying, self-injury, self-confidence or not feeling able to cope with things in the same way as usual.  

There are a range of concerns you may have and it may help to talk to someone outside of your family or friendship group.

I have worked with children and young people with many of the issues above. My aim is to build a trusting relationship.  I'm not here to make decisions for you on how to make changes in your life, but I will listen without judgement or criticism, and help you express your feelings and worries in a safe place so that you can find a way of managing how you feel in a  more helpful way.

There are different ways of doing this; through talking, therapeutic play and other creative ways of expressing how you feel. You will not be made to do anything you are not comfortable with.